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  Cause For Alarm - Residents of a remote part of Stevens County say something is making them sick, but no one is sure exactly what it is... Visit Page
The Globe and Mail — Vancouver, BC
  Teck Metals to plead guilty over pollution in Trail, B.C. - Teck Metals Ltd. is expected to be hit with substantial fines after the company admits in court next week to causing pollution in Trail, in southeast B.C.... download story [69kb]
Environment & Energy Publishing
  Tribes pray over Columbia River as U.S., Canada mull treaty negotiations From the mouth of the Columbia River near Portland, Ore., to its Canadian headwaters, American Indian tribes, Canadian First Nations, religious leaders and local residents have been praying for the return of salmon to the river's upper reaches.... Visit Page
Canadian Business — Vancouver, BC
  Teck submits Remediation Plan for Groundwater Tainted by Trail Smelter - Teck Resources has submitted a remediation plan to Environment Canada to clean up decades-old toxins that have seeped into the groundwater download story [85kb]
Spokesman Review — Spokane, WA
  B.C. smelter spewed heavy metals into Upper Columbia River valley - Smokestacks from a Canadian smelter deposited high levels of lead and arsenic into the Upper Columbia River valley, new soil testing has confirmed - April 18, 2015 Visit Page
  Teck, Colville Tribe go to trial over slag - In the early 1990s, anglers in the Upper Columbia River reported seeing beads of liquid mercury floating in the water. The sightings were followed by advisories from the Washington Department of Health warning people to limit the fish they ate from the river. - August 12, 2012 download story [135kb]
  Multiyear study of Teck pollution continues - A massive study of industrial pollution in the upper Columbia River is wrapping up its second year of sampling. Researchers have tested 2,300 fish above Grand Coulee Dam for lead, mercury, arsenic, PCBs and other contaminants. - November 20, 2010 download story [84kb]
  B.C. Smelter Spills Mercury into Columbia - A Trail, B.C., smelter spilled an unknown amount of mercury into the Columbia River on Thursday. - October 9, 2010 download story [178kb]
Trail - Rossland News
  Teck continues river study - Teck is in the second round of surface water sampling to determine their course of action on clean up of portions of the Upper Columbia river downstream of their Trail operation... - April 20, 2010 download story [92kb]

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